Breathe Cameo, just breathe. It’s hard to explain how I feel-maybe a mix of eagerness, excitement, and perhaps even apprehension as I get ready for what’s to come in May... thanking God the entire way as I sit down and reflect on the past few weeks I’ve had in April. It’s hard to pinpoint how exactly I got here, but with just a few emails and connections, I was plunged in the fashion community in St. Louis with me, myself and my handmade clutches. Fashion shows, VIP events, this was all new to me. It was my very first time.

When I asked someone for advice on staying on top of things in this industry, they told me to just stay flexible and go with the flow. Well let me tell you, I have been doing just that! It has been working so far.

As you may know, the 2014 St. Louis Fashion Week was booming in St. Louis. In fact,  I was elated for the opportunity to showcase my pieces to some of the area's top fashion and lifestyle bloggers at the VIP Blogger event on Thursday, April 10.  I had a blast meeting new people; Jacqueline Rendine, Brittany Williams, Christia Deshields, Kate Allen and Lindsey Pattan are just a few of many fabulous women I loved meeting. But most of all, I loved having the opportunity of sharing something that I am so passionate about-- something I really believe in.

Just a few days after the blogger event, I had the pleasure of being featured in the St. Louis Pronto Fashion show at St. Louis City Hall. There, I also met great designers, models and more. 

What’s next for me? May is the month of mothers, and just as I celebrate my own mothers and all of the beautiful mothers in my life, I want you to celebrate your own. If you’ve run out of ideas of what to get your mom for mother’s day, take advantage of my mother’s day sale. Mother’s day is for all the mothers in your life- wives, grandmothers, aunts, sisters etc...

Your support means everything to me!

Until next time, loves!

Cameo de Bore`